Embroider your Knits Workshop

jenna johnston

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Ready to learn how to embroider on your cherished makes? Jenna will help you turn your finished object into a family heirloom with this workshop - you'll learn how to stabilize your work, how to play with different plies, and make different embroidery stitches. Each student will pick a design from the Embroidery on Knits book and apply it to their own work. 

Embroidery on Knits Book
Finished object or large swatch 
Embroidery Kit (included in class fee & will be given on the day of class)
3-5 colors of fingering yarn scraps or mini skeins

This workshop has no homework, but you must bring a finished object at least 10x10 inches to work on. This can be a sweater, blanket, scarf, swatch, etc.  This class also includes a 30 minute break to grab lunch. Students are welcome to bring lunch boxes but will not have access to refrigeration.


Class Policies:
All class supplies must be purchased at One More Row. 

There are NO refunds or reschedules for cancellation within 48 hrs of the class/lesson date. There are no refunds for class missed without prior communication.

If your class has homework, it must be finished prior to class. 

Please silence your phones before class starts. If you need to take a call, please step outside of the shop.