Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool

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100% Superwash American Wool
200 yards
Handwash lay flat to dry
Made in the USA from sheep to skein

You will receive a skein from this colorway, but not the exact skein pictured. 

Due to Spincycle's “dyed in the wool” process, each skein they produce is unique, even within the same batch. Please make sure to purchase enough for your project. We will match skeins to ensure you receive skeins as similar as possible. If we are unable to do so we will reach out. 

Some dyes are notoriously difficult to set, and may exhaust some color even after the final wash.  Please keep this in mind if you are combining any hand dyed yarn with a light color in the same project. If you plan to combine colors, please make sure to wash your skein first/use a color catcher in the final bath. Sweaters and other garments that block folded in on themselves should have a towel placed between the layers.